CATERP 12 x 4.5cm€17.90
Fritz 15 x 4.3cm€22.90
ONE MORE 14 x 6 cm€21.90
CYCLONE noir 25 x 8.5 cm€69.00
Renegade - Deep Stroker - Black€99.00
Renegade - Rattler - Black€29.90
Renegade - Peeker Kit - Black€39.90
All Black - Fist Plug Small 13cm diam - AB92€19.90
Thump-It Large Silicone Butt Plug€125.00
Thump-It - Curved Silicone Butt Plug€125.00
Thump-It Silicone Butt Plug€125.00
The Black Anal Destroyer - Medium€54.90
Sport Fucker - Thunder Plug Asslock€89.90
Sport Fucker - Meat Harness - Black€79.90
Buttballs Asslock + Cocksling - Black Ice€79.95
Hünkyjunk Ripple Asslock - Black€99.90
Puppy Tail - Yellow€89.00
Puppy Tail - Red€89.00
Puppy Tail - Orange€89.00
Puppy Tail - Lime€89.00
Silicone Vibrating Puppy Tail - Medium€79.00
Stainless Steel Asslock - The Junior€99.00
All Black Plug 27,5cm (AB89)€31.90
All Black Plug 15,5cm (AB77)€16.90
Renegade - Knock Knock Plug - Black€29.90
Dorcel Best Vibe Plug size M€49.90
Colt Anal Trainer Kit€36.90
Nexus G-Stroker€149.00
DEEP'R Barb Black 70 cm Ø 8.80 cm€65.00
Renegade - Sliders 3pc Trainer Kit - Black€49.95
Puppy Tail - XS€26.50
Colt Expander Plug - Medium€34.90
Colt Expander Plug - Large€39.90
Basic Butt plug€9.99
Starfighter Plugs (AIR010203B)€19.99
The Patriot Plug (AIR18B)€27.00
Night Hawk black (AIR19B)€31.50
Dark Eagle black (AIR27B)€29.90
Dark Angel Plug (AIR04B)€23.90
Prowler Plug (AIR05B)€29.00
Anal Bomber (AIR06)€29.90
Butt Bullet (AIR14B)€29.00
Mini Crack Attack (AIR10)€28.00
Crack Attack (AIR11B)€35.00
Giant Crack Attack (AIR12)€49.90
Silicone Prostate Plug€20.50
Perfect Fit Hump Gear Clear€69.00
XL Hump Gear - Clear€69.99
XL Hump Gear - Black€69.99
ZIZI HOLE TUNNEL 32 (ZZ12)€35.90
ZIZI HOLE TUNNEL 42mm (ZZ13)€39.90
Dog Tail dildo - large (7080)€69.00
Alpha Dog: tail + ass plug and cockring - Black€99.00
Good Boy Vibrating dog tail€76.30
Tom of Finland Medium Silicone Anal Plug€29.90
Boner Plug€59.00
Puppy Tail - S€31.50
Puppy Tail - M€41.50
Puppy Tail - L€51.50
DEEP'R - Beggar; L= 70 cm Ø 8 cm€49.90
Renegade - Peek A Boo Plug - Black€22.90
Boy Toy • Black€25.90
Renegade - Pillager Plug III - Black€21.90
Puppy Tail - White€89.00
All Black - Fist Plug Medium 14cm diam - AB93€21.90
All Black - Fist Plug Large 16,5cm diam - AB94€34.90
TWO HANDS 32 x 9 cm€39.90
Mission DADDY TRIBALL 24 x 9cm€49.90
Unicorn 19 x 5cm€22.90
ROOK Chess 11 x 6.5cm€22.90