Much of Boxer Barcelona's success is down to the influence of employees with a wide and deep experience in sales, production and finance. Many people have played and still do play an active part in assessing the business and come from important roles in businesses like Inditex, Mango and Vodafone to mention a few.

Jonathan and Mario in Barcelona, Simon and Toni in Madrid and Albert our business adviser are of especial importance to us. But newcomers like Jacobo and Nel-lo are turning out to be just as pivotal in developing the business. Many of our rising stars are also our models - thanks Jonathan, Adolfo and Josechu.

For production we've learnt so much through our collaborations with our manufacturers (I can't name you guys, you're our biggest secret). But we've been together for years now and that in itself says a lot in a fast moving business world.

But most of all (and if you've read this far you're amazing) the most important person is... YOU and people like you ;-) People who visit us, people who talk about us, people who wear our gear and go out and look fucking sexy. People who maintain our interest in what we do, people who've become friends and who continue to buy considerable parts of their wardrobe and toy cupboard from Boxer Barcelona. We can't thank you enough - ¬°GRACIAS!