Boxer Barcelona as a brand was created and is owned jointly by Cameron and Spin (Cameron Mellalieu and Joan Spin). They married in the same year Boxer Barcelona was born - 2007. Many gay businesses don't have gay owners, Boxer Barcelona couldn't be more queer ;-)

Spin and Cameron both come from a mainly media background and Spin still continues to present TV programmes in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain. Spin is also the designer of the graphics used on t-shirts and the famous X logo. Cameron meanwhile designs the clothes, came up with the name Boxer Barcelona and runs the business on a day to day basis.

Cameron was born and educated in the UK attending Oxford University before working for large media organisations like the BBC, Granada TV, Carlton TV, UPC and RTE Ireland mainly in marketing and video direction and production but also as a journalist and documentary director. Boxer Barcelona is his third business after setting up a regional entertainment magazine in the UK, a holiday apartments rental business in Barcelona and then finally settling on Boxer Barcelona.

Spin started off as an architect's draftsman before working on the sketches and storyboards for the Olympic ceremonies in Barcelona in 1992. That became the launchpad to storyboarding for films by several Spanish directors and then leaping into radio and television presentation which he still does, both participating in national and regional tv programmes several times a week as well as presenting his own late night show on Barcelona TV.