Woof! Neoprene Muzzle€179.00
Leather Howler Muzzle - White€249.00
Leather Howler Muzzle - Grey€249.00
Neoprene Puppy Hood Orange€189.00
Neoprene Puppy Hood Lime€189.00
Neoprene Puppy Hood Pink€189.00
Neoprene Puppy Hood Black€189.00
Neoprene Puppy Hood Yellow€189.00
Neoprene Puppy Hood Cobalt€189.00
Neoprene Puppy Hood White€189.00
Neoprene Puppy Hood Red€189.00
Neoprene Puppy Hood Aqua€189.00
Neo Bold Color Bulldog Harness White€129.00
Neo Bold Color Bulldog Harness Red€129.00
Neo Bold Color Bulldog Harness Aqua€129.00
Puppy Tail - Yellow€89.00
Puppy Tail - Red€89.00
Puppy Tail - Orange€89.00
Puppy Tail - Lime€89.00
Puppy Tail - White€89.00
Docked Show Tail - Black€59.00
Show tail - Black€69.00
Puppy Pride Miniboxer 80s Football short€36.90
Puppy Pride Airtex Vest€49.00
Sportbody Puppy€69.00
Puppy! X-Jock€29.00
Tonga Smoothe - Puppy €29.90
Skater Socks: Puppy or Dogboy€9.99
X- Baseball Cap Royal Blue/ white Puppy€17.50
Puppy Wristband 6cm (embroidered)€29.00
Leather dog hood - active k9€249.00
Leather dog hood - passive k9€249.00
Leather 3D 4cm collar - Black€59.00
Leather Collar 3D (4.5cm width) Black€59.00
Leather Collar 1D (4.5cm width) Black€45.00
Dog Collar Torquator - Collar de perro Torquator€21.00
Dog leash with chain - Correa con cadena€29.90
Dog leash with short chain €24.90
Dog Tag - Puppy€6.99
Puppy Tail - L€51.50
Puppy Tail - M€41.50
Puppy Tail - S€31.50
Puppy Tail - XS€26.50
Alpha Dog: tail + ass plug and cockring - Black€99.00