Sexy Short AirCool - White/blue€39.90
AirCool BXR Vest - black/white€45.00
Sexy Short Darkroom - Black/Red€49.90
Sexy Short AirCool - Black Zipper€49.90
Slick Zipper Pant, black/black stripes€95.00
Slick Jacket Black with black stripes€95.00
X Class Alpha Short - grey/white€55.00
X Class Track Top - Turquoise€89.00
X Class Track Pant -Turquoise€89.00
Sportbody Puppy€69.00
Miniboxer 70s Short - black/yellow€37.50
AirCool Vest - Soldier boy€45.00
AirCool BXR Vest - khaki/orange€45.00
AirCool BXR Vest - black/yellow€45.00
Skater Socks white/red/black - BOXER€11.90
BITCH Short - elasthane, ass open, front zip - black/red€59.00
X-Boyz Miniboxer 70s Short - baby blue€35.00
Miniboxer 70s Sailor Boy€39.00
Miniboxer 70s Short - royal blue/white€37.50
Miniboxer 70s Short - marine blue/yellow€37.50
X Class Alpha Short - orange€59.00
Y front - Black with red detail€29.90
Y front - White with black detail€29.90
Y front - Black with yellow detail€29.90
Y front - Black with white detail€29.90
X-Boyz Miniboxer 70s Short - orange€35.00
X-Boyz: Y Back Puppy - Pink€26.90
X Class Alpha Short - turquoise€59.00
X Class Alpha Short - black/white€55.00
Sexy Short Darkroom - Black/White€49.90
Sexy Short Darkroom - Black€49.90
Slut Short €45.00
X-Class Slut Short 2019€59.00
Vintage Felt Gym short Grey/black€44.50
Vintage Felt Gym short Grey/ white€44.50
Vintage Felt Gym short Khaki/black€44.50
Neo Vest - Black€59.90
Neo Vest - Black/Red€59.90
Neo Vest - Black/Yellow€59.90
Vintage Felt Gym short Black/ white €44.50
Vintage Felt Gym short Black/ red€44.50
Sexy Short AirCool - Blue/white€39.90
Sexy Short AirCool - Khaki/White€39.90
Sexy Short AirCool - Khaki/Orange€39.90
X-Boyz: Y Back Puppy - Yellow€26.90
X-Swim Bear - Black€49.00
X-Swim Basic - Black€49.00
Fistbody (black/red - negro/rojo - Schwarz/Rot)€69.00
Boxer Puppy Swim€49.00
T-Class Short -Bordeaux €45.00
T-Class Short -black/red€45.00
T-Class Short - Sky Blue€45.00
X-Boyz Rainbow Pride Airtex Vest - black€45.00
X-Boyz Rainbow Pride Airtex Vest - white€45.00
Low Rider Chaps - no buckle - Black€249.00
MEGA HARNESS - Stainless Steel Rings€129.00
Tonga Smoothe - Puppy €29.90
Tonga Smoothe - Bear €29.90
Sexy X Class Short - black 2019€55.00
Neo Jock - Big Zip - Yellow€49.90
Neo Jock - Big Zip - Red€49.90
Neo Boxer Short - double zip - red€49.90
X-Boyz Jock - Black€16.90
Skater Socks white/red/black - WOOF€11.90
Skater Socks white/red/black - TOP€11.90
Skater Socks white/red/black - VERS€11.90
Skater Socks white/red/black - PIG€11.90
Skater Socks white/red/black - PUT@€11.90
Skater Socks black/red/white - ACT€11.90
Skater Socks black/red/white - BEAR€11.90
Skater Socks black/red/white - WOOF€11.90
Skater Socks black/red/white - TOP€11.90
Skater Socks black/red/white - VERS€11.90
Skater Socks white/royal blue - SUCK€11.90
Skater Socks black/royal blue - FUCK€11.90
Skater Socks black/red - FIST€11.90
Skater Socks black/yellow - PISS€11.90
Skater Socks white/red/black - BEAR€11.90
Skater Socks white/red/black - ACT €11.90
Skater Socks white/red/black - BTTM€11.90
Skater Socks black/red/white - FUCK€11.90