Waterbased SEX LUBE W - 250ml€14.90
Waterbased SEX LUBE W - 500ml€24.90
Hunky Junk - Swell Cocksheath transparent€79.00
Electro Sex Cable (3004)€8.75
RudeRider Fat Stretchy Cock Ring Black€7.95
RudeRider iClean Pro Intimate Douche€34.90
Eros Delay Power Concentrate - 30ml€19.90
Renegade - Deep Stroker - Black€99.00
Renegade - Rattler - Black€29.90
Renegade - Peeker Kit - Black€39.90
All Black - Fist Plug Small 13cm diam - AB92€19.90
All Black - Fist Plug Large 16,5cm diam - AB94€34.90
All Black - Fist Plug Medium 14cm diam - AB93€21.90
Fleshjack Boys Allen King Butt Majestic€95.00
Silicone Wedge - Black€19.90
King Cock + Dual Density 20.30 cm. (8.00 inch) - Flesh€48.90
King Cock + Dual Density 22.85 cm. (9.00 inch) - Flesh€59.90
Nexus Enduro Thick Silicone Super Stretchy Cock Ring - Black€18.90
The Pleasure Dome Stainless Steel Chastity Cage€79.90
The Tap Stainless Steel Chastity Cage€59.90
The Killer Leather & Silicone Ball Gag€39.50
Thump-It Silicone Butt Plug€139.00
Thump-It - Curved Silicone Butt Plug€139.00
Thump-It Large Silicone Butt Plug€139.00
The Black Anal Destroyer - Medium€54.90
Fleshlight - Ice Butt - Crystal€99.00
Rimmers - Curved Rimming Plug with Remote Control (Model M)€129.00
Stainless Steel Ergo Ring 2.0€49.90
Hünkyjunk Cockring 3-Pack - Black + Ice + Stone€24.90
Hünkyjunk Cockring Single - Ice€9.95
Hünkyjunk Cockring Single - Black€9.95
Hünkyjunk Slingshot 3 Teardrop Cocksling - Black€34.90
Hünkyjunk Ripple Asslock - Black€99.90
Hünkyjunk Fit Ergo Shaped Cockring - Ice€24.90
Hünkyjunk Fit Ergo Shaped Cockring - Black€24.90
Hünkyjunk Slingshot 3 Teardrop Cocksling - Ice€34.90
FunZone Vulcan LoveSkin Masturbator Tight Mouth + Vibrator€27.90
Silicone Vibrating Puppy Tail - Medium€89.00
Neoprene Racer Cockring - Red€19.90
Meat Harness - Black€79.90
Pure For Men - 60 Capsules€29.50
Renegade - Sphinx - Warming Prostate Massager - Black€64.90
Renegade - Pillager Plug II - Black€19.90
Renegade - Super Soft Power Rings - Black€34.90
Magnetic Hinged Cock Ring Polished €59.00
Stainless Steel Asslock - The Junior€99.00
2-Way Access Clips€24.90
Sackjack Electro + 4 mm. Posts (2x) - Steel€126.90
CleanStream - Pump Action Enema Bottle with Nozzle€31.50
Chubby Rubber Cockring - Glow€7.50
SEX LUBE FIST - 300g€19.90