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Slut Short

You might as well go naked...

Price €37.19

Leather Cock Strap

One size fits all. 3 adjustable studs. For cock and wrist...

Price €12.40

Neo Chaps - Black

Slip then on and up. Feels like rubber, looks like neoprene....

Price €82.56

Neo Jock - Black

Polyurethane jockstrap, feles like rubber, looks like...

Price €32.98

Crisco 453g

Classic homely cooking fat, high in cholesterol.

Price €8.18

X-Class Killa Pant

Smoothe, warm and sexy, secret service style pant for outdoor...

Price €98.35


For veterinary use. Not recommended for internal human use nor...

Price €23.14

Neo Vest - Black

Slip it on. Feels like rubber, looks like neoprene. Smoothe,...

Price €49.50